LC Display

LC Display

More information, more functionality

The LC display gives you lots of information and Bluetooth connectivity

New features

  • Robust, secure structure
  • New user interface with more functions
  • Personalize riding functions
  • Separate “ignition” E-Key
  • Optional USB port
  • Turbo button (for immediate full power)
  • Bluetooth connectivity (iOS / Android)
  • Faster system start-up

Easy and intuitive to use


Info button
Switch between the modes or enter settings area.

2,2" LCD scratch-resistant and lightweight (27g) display

ON/OFF button
Turn on and off manually the display

Assistance control buttons
Press + or - to increase or decrease the intensity of assistance of the electric motor

Turbo button
Get a short and immediate boost

5 levels of power

Bike mode
No assistance 

Low power
Low amount of motor assistance

Mid power
Mid amount of motor assistance

High power
High amount of motor assistance

Turbo mode (Turbo button)
Extra power boost limited to 4 km/h

Useful information

Shows the current time

The number of kilocalories burnt by the cyclist

Shows the total distance traveled by the e-bike

The SOC indicates the current battery capacity by %

Shows the trip amount of km

Kilometres ridden today, starting at 00:00

Every info can be hidden/shown from the display settings


You can choose whether you always block the motor of the bike after every ride and restart with an E-KEY, or whether you manually indicate whether you want to block the bike after each ride or not

You can decide to keep the head and tail lights on or off when the system is on. 

With the EXTRA menu you can change the major information you want to see while riding 

Bike info: model, serial number, odo, SOC

You can use your smartphone as a dashboard to show the information from the bike system by Bluetooth connection

Reset trip and kcal to zero or reset bike settings back to factory default