BIACTRON Motor System

BIACTRON Motor System

The source of our "silent tornado"

Our in-house Klever BIACTRON system

The Klever (hispeed) e-bikes are no ordinary e-bikes. We did not mix existing technologies, adding motors or batteries to ordinary bicycle frames.

We designed and design frames around our exclusively BIACTRON rear drive system that through direct-drive simplicity is more silent, powerful, robust and reliable than most central motors systems.


The BIACTRON rear motor makes very little noise (< 50 dB).


The smoothness in progressive acceleration is due to our sensors, frame robustness, sophisticated software and driving modes that all ensure a smooth riding experience.

Less energy loss from transmission

Motor output is directly transmitted. Less energy loss in transmission system (chain, gears).

Low maintenance vs mid motor

Since the power is not transmitted via chain and gears, there is no extra wear in comparison to mid motor systems.

Great battery

"Swap&GO" durable, stylish, easy-to-carry battery that works at as low as -10C and is designed with over-charging/under-charging protection.

Electronic motor lock

The drive wheel can be electronically locked to stop unauthorized use. With a fully charged battery, the bike can stay electronically locked for one year without recharging.

Regenerative brakes

The drive wheel can convert kinetic energy into electric energy and therefore extends the available range and prolongs the mechanical brake life. The energy generated from motor can be as high as 300W


New BIACTRON modules are designed to be compatible with existing systems. Users can enjoy the technology of tomorrow through software updates or module upgrades.