The new 850Wh – also for e-bikes and hispeed e-bikes

We know range is important. We work with the best possible partners to ensure that our batteries are of the highest possible quality and have current state of the art capacity. You want a powerful, great riding (hispeed) e-bike.

We deliver on that promise. And there is a cost to that. Because powerful engines need more fuel than weak engines. It is like with cars: the fastest cars with the biggest engine use more fuel than small cars that do not accellerate well. That is why our e-bikes don't have the highest range. We do give you solutions to reach the distance that you are looking for. With our new 850 Wh battery, all our commuter (hispeed) e-bikes requirements can be fulfilled.

And if our you want to ride long distances with your Klever e-bike for leisure purposes, we offer a special battery bag where you can put a second battery to double your range. So, a range of ~150km can be reached with the support level you enjoy.

Range indications

The table is a good indication of the range to be expected, under comparable conditions:

  • 360/470/570/850Wh full battery
  • Outside temperature between 12 and 30 degrees Celsius
  • Flat road
  • Total weight between 95 and 105 kg (weight of rider between 70 and 80 kg)
  • Light wind.


The range is an estimation because it is dependent from:

  • the level of support
  • the technical state of the bike (well oiled chain, optimal tyre pressure etc.)
  • the total weight of the system (bike, biker, and luggage)
  • the road (flat or hilly)
  • the weather (temperature, tail or headwind)


Our e-bikes have been constructed in a way that you can view, insert and remove the battery with rapidity and ease, this means you can take the battery with you for security or charge it at a distance from you bike without loosing time. 

We know charge times and duration of charge are important so heres a few details

Charge time (10% → 90%)

360Wh battery, Travel charger 3.8 hours
360Wh battery, Fast charger 1.5 hours
570Wh battery, Travel charger 6 hours
570Wh battery, Fast charger 2.3 hours
850Wh battery, Fast charger 3.4 hours

Chargers / Charge times

Consult technical datasheets for full details.

You always know what level you have from the control panel, or from the battery light that gives you green, yellow and red indications

Carry-me battery, charge wherever you want, check charge status away from the bike, at home, at work, at the bar. Protective cover on charge port.

Go further: "Range extender"

For real adventurers we offer a pannier system that holds a spare battery tightly to the frame, and with Swap&GO you can change batteries in about 20 seconds

Battery choices and accessoiries

We have three battery sizes for more range, two chargers, and our Ortlieb battery bag ofcourse:

Extra battery 360Wh
Extra battery 570Wh
Extra battery 850Wh
Travel charger 96Wh
Fast charger 250Wh
Ortlieb battery bag