Power Urban

Power Urban

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No hassle, no sweat

When your bike is not mainly for commuting, nor for practical use, but you just want to get around in your city fast and effortless, than you are what we call a “Power Urban”- biker.

We all want to be the architects of your own life. And most of us need and appreciate the good stuff in an urban life. Our phone, our notebook, our guitar?, our surfboard?, and our bike.

All these toys have to make our life easy, fun, and/or comfortable. No hassle, no sweat.

“It almost feels like flying”

Up to now, we are quite sure, that an e-bike hasn’t been an option for you. No way. That is for the elderly. Don’t want to be seen on one of those electric bikes.

We have news for you. Our Klever X is different. It is an option. It has the looks of the bike you love, and it also makes you feel like Superman.

The power, silence and smoothness of the ride of the Klever X offers you the “it almost feels like flying” feeling.