E-bike manufacturer Klever presents 2018 RANGE

E-bike manufacturer Klever presents 2018 RANGE

Urban MobiLIty with Style from cologne

Press Release

14 August 2017

Urban MobiLIty with Style from cologne

E-bike manufacturer Klever presents 2018 RANGE

  • Award-winning X series grows by two S-Pedelecs and a Power version with even higher torque – available from autumn 2017
  • New for 2018: 850 Wh batteries for all models; Connect+ module including GSM tracking for the X series
  • Avoiding regular traffic jams and driving bans: urban e-bikes on the rise
  • In-house development as an advantage: high security of investment and everything from a single source

Klever Mobility, the Cologne-based subsidiary of the KYMCO Group which specialises in urban E-Bikes, will be presenting several new models at the leading trade fair Eurobike (30/08/2017-02/09/2017). Three of these models will complement the Klever X series with its eye-catching “loop frame” which was presented last year and has since received various awards.

The new models are the two S-Pedelecs X Speed and X Speed Limited Edition with 600 Watts in accordance with the new EU type approval, as well as the so-called X Power model with extra-high torque. In addition Klever presents two E-Bikes from the B series with a low-step frame and 24” wheels in a new design. The new Klever E-Bikes, like all models of this brand, are equipped with the self-developed, self-produced BIACTRON rear-wheel motor with E-Scooter genes. All models are equipped with a Bluetooth-enabled LCD display that can be connected with a smartphone as well as an immobiliser system with alarm sound.

Also new and available from 2018 as an upgrade is an 850 Wh battery for all Klever E-Bikes (including older models) as well as a new Connect+ module with a built-in GSM transmitter. The module will be available for 199 Euros and allows locating the e-bike and the activation of the alarm via smartphone. The Connect+ module will be available from 2018 as an upgrade for the X series e-bikes at a price of 149 Euros, including the GSM fee for a year.

Urban e-bikes for commuters and thirty-somethings are on the rise – that is the firm belief of Fritz G. Baumgarten, General Manager at Klever Mobility. “High-quality e-bikes and fast S-pedelecs are not only outstanding alternative means of mobility but also new image carriers and status symbols.” The company, whose European headquarters has been located in Cologne since 2011, focuses on stylish, high-performance, urban E-bikes for demanding individualists and commuters.

Award-winning: the Klever X series

After its introduction in 2017, the Klever X series was virtually buried in renowned awards: iF product design award and Red Dot Design Award, nomination for the e-bike van het Jahr 2017 by the Association of the Dutch Bicycle and Automobile Industry (RAI) and two top test results: winner ExtraEnergy Pedelec Award and test winner in Germany’s “BIKE Bild” magazine’s S pedelec comparative test.

The striking feature with the new X series, as with all Klever e-bikes, is the distinctive unisex shape of the frame which is the central design element enclosing the battery. “Loop frame” is what Klever calls this frame which was developed in collaboration with the Darmstadt-based Artefakt design studio. It is in the shape of a rhombic loop and available in the two sizes M and L. The X series’ excellent riding behaviour is ensured not only by the rigid frame but also by a long wheelbase and 27.5-inch wheels with extra-wide “Schwalbe Super-Moto-X 27.5 x 2.4” tyres which simply swallow up irregularities in the road surface. Their virtually silent, low-wear, rear-wheel motor with a lot of tractive power and their maximum load of 120 kg make the e-bikes of the Klever X series an ideal choice for ambitious frequent drivers and commuters. Last but not least, you will make a real impression in front of any trendy café with this design e-bike, thanks to its straightforward appearance due to the cables being located on the inside of the frame.

NEW: X Speed and X Speed Limited Edition
With 600 Watts – a real alternative to your car

The new Klever S pedelecs are among the first of their class which have been tested in accordance with the new EU type approval system. And that is why they can use a 600 Watts motor, putting them among the strongest speed pedelecs available. The allowed top speed of 45 kmph can be reached easily. In addition, the 49 Nm hub drive can realise its maximum torque independent of the transmission ratio, which is an advantage especially at higher speeds and in higher gears. These fully furbished e-bikes cater to style-conscious commuters and those willing to make the change from their car to an e-bike.
Both new S pedelecs will be available from autumn 2017.

Technical Data Klever X Speed / X Speed Limited Edition
Shimano XT/ XTR gearshift with 11-speed cassette, suspension fork 80 mm / rigid fork, hydraulic disc brakes Magura MT4e 180 mm, 570 Wh battery (starting 2018: optionally 850 Wh), weight: 27+ kg, price: starting at 4,899 Euros / 5,199 Euros*
* Price valid in Germany

Available colours:
Tanager orange or Iron grey (X Speed) / Mystic gold (X Speed Limited Edition)

X Power – even higher torque
The new “X Power” model has a motor with especially high torque (56 Nm instead of 43 Nm). Plus, this e-bike is equipped with a 570 Wh battery. This makes it ideal for sportive users who appreciate strong thrust during driveaway, for hilly environments, or for pulling trailers.

Technical Data Klever X Power
Shimano Deore gearshift with 10-speed cassette, rigid fork, hydraulic disc brakes Magura MT4e 180 mm, 570 Wh battery (starting 2018: optionally 850 Wh), weight: 26+ kg, price: starting at 3,999*
* Price valid in Germany

Available colour:
Iris blue

850 Wh Batteries available for all Models

Klever e-bikes can already be equipped with a stronger battery for a surcharge today. Available batteries range from the standard 360 Wh for the base models of the pedelec line to 470 and 570 Wh. The faster commuter pedelecs use the big battery as their standard due to their higher energy demand. Starting in the spring of 2018 a compact 850-Wh battery will be available. And the remarkable thing is that it is compatible with all Klever models, even the older ones.

X series with Connect+ module including GSM Tracking

Klever has developed the Connect+ module specifically for the new X series. It allows the user to access the e-bike controls via smartphone app with greater ease in order to gather information about the bike and analyse valuable data regarding its operation (for example how much energy was generated by pedalling or recuperation, or the actual system energy use). In addition, the module has an integrated GSM transmitter which allows locating the e-bike at any time in case of unauthorized use or when the alarm has been activated. The Connect+ module will be available from 2018 as an upgrade for the X series e-bikes at a price of 199 Euros, including the GSM fee for a year.

- The 850 Wh batteries as well as the Connect+ module will be available from spring 2018. -

B Series with a new Design

The e-bikes of the popular B series will come in a new, pleasing and elegant design: fully suspended, scooter-like bikes with 24” wheels and a low-step frame with an extremely low centre of gravity. The B series with its “Unisex & One Size Fits Most Unisize” concept is also available in a power version with a 56 Nm motor, and in the old design as a fast S pedelec with a 600 Watts motor for real 45 kmph.

Technical Data Klever B-Series
Shimano Deore XT gearshift with 10-speed cassette, hydraulic disc brakes, weight: 27+ kg, price: starting at 2,799 Euros*
* Price valid in Germany

Available colours:
Snow white / Midnight black (B Comfort) and Iron grey (B Power / B Speed)

The models of the B series in the new design will be available from spring 2018.
The S pedelec of the B series (B Speed) will be available from autumn 2017.

In-House Development as an Advantage: High Security of Investment and Everything from a Single Source

Good to know: in contrast to almost all of the competing e-bike manufacturers, Klever relies on in-house developments and strong vertical integration for its motors, control electronics and battery systems. Integration ranges from the design and welding of the frames as well as motor production and battery soldering to the development of the control soft- and hardware. In practice, this brings many advantages for customers and distributors – advantages which become noticeable only on second glance or after prolonged usage. “We are entirely self-sufficient with our core components, independent of suppliers,” emphasises Fritz G. Baumgarten. “As opposed to other e-bike manufacturers we can offer our customers a high degree of security of investment, regarding the quality as well as the application of newly developed technology in our bikes.”

One of the pillars of Klever’s philosophy for maximum security of investment are high-performance, durable components as well as intensive internal and external testing, for example in collaboration with renowned institutions such as TÜV Rheinland. Another pillar of the concept is giving customers the option of updating their e-bikes to the most recent technology. In 2015, for example, Klever introduced a new control unit with a Bluetooth-enabled LCD display designed in a way that it could replace the first-generation LED display. Which is not a given with other manufacturers. Likewise, Klever is setting a new standard in the e-bike market with the introduction of the new 850 Wh battery that is compatible with all existing models.

As Fritz G. Baumgarten explains, the specialist trade also benefits from these in-house developments: “Because we are a one-source supplier, distributors only need a single point of contact for sales, service and technology.”

About Klever Mobility

Klever Mobility Europe GmbH was founded in 2011 by the KYMCO group, which looks back upon more than 50 years of experience as a manufacturer and supplier of motor scooters, mopeds and e-scooters, and is a premium supplier for, among others, Kawasaki and BMW (two-wheelers and Range Extender BMW i3). Around 4,000 employees work for KYMCO in 90 countries. The focus of the Klever brand (KYMCO Light Electric Vehicles) is on e-bikes for the urban sector. The engineering is done in Cologne in collaboration with renowned partners such as artefakt Design, Abus, Tubus and German test service providers like TÜV Rheinland. Klever Mobility is one of the few manufacturers to offer motors, control electronics, software, batteries and mechanical systems as a one-source supplier. To this end the company maintains offices and production facilities in Germany and Taiwan. The European headquarters is located in Cologne.


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