X Power

X Power

More torque, bigger smile

Very Powerful, Great e-Bike

The X Power, with 500W motor (limited to the legal 250W by software) , is the Klever Power e-bike developed for the hilly areas.

With more torque in every gear, this powerhouse for “bikies” takes you uphill with a big smile.

€ 3.999,– *

Safe & Reliable

This Klever X 10speed e-bike with 27,5 inch wheels and Magura MT4e (180mm) hydraulic disc brakes gives you a more torque and more control where you need it. When you live in a hilly environment, this is your e-bike for home work commuting.

The stiffness of the frame, the smooth silent speed of the 500W BIACTRON motor, and the feeling of control this e-bike delivers, makes you arrive at your work to perform at your best.

Regen coasting & Regen braking

Because you care about range, and you want to use of the potential energy that a hilly environment offers you, you want this option that is only available to high premium rear motor systems. When you stop pedalling to coast, brake or go downhill, our BIACTRON system re-charges your battery.

Connectivity and NEW Klever Connect+ App

And to conclude, the electronic theft alarm, motor lock, and to connect your smartphone via the New Klever Connect+ App with the bluetooth LCD display of the Klever X Speed are almost 'must' features for you as a car lover.

Download our New Klever Connect+ App from Google Play and connect your smartphone.

  • Vering
  • Wielmaat​
  • Frame materiaal
  • Ondersteuningslimiet​
  • Power (max)
  • Koppel (max)​
  • Actieradius (360Wh accu)​
  • Actieradius (470Wh accu)​, toeslag
  • Actieradius (570Wh accu)​, toeslag
  • Achterwielaandrijfsysteem​
  • Geluid (max)​
  • Max belasting (op de fiets)​
  • Categorie​
  • Hydraulische schijfremmen​
  • LED voorlicht​
  • Standaard accu
  • Display houder​
  • Shifter+Derailleur​ / tandwielen
  • Banden​
  • Vering afstand​
  • Bagagedrager belasting​
  • Inclusief extra's ​
  • Max gashendel snelheid
  • Gewicht​
  • Certificering
  • Cons. advies prijs​
  • BIACTRON kenmerken​

  • Energie Regenereren​ ("Re-Gen")
  • ​Automatisch Aan/Uit
  • Anti-diefstal alarm
  • Elektronisch motor slot​
  • Loop assistent​
  • Turbo knop
  • Diep ontlading bescherming​
  • Oplaadtijd (van 10% naar 90% accu capaciteit)
  • X Power

    • w/o 
    • 27.5'' 
    • Aluminum / M + L 
    • 25km/h 
    • 250W 
    • 56N-m 
    • Klever BIACTRON V2 
    • <50dB (stil) 
    • 120kg 
    • Bicycle 
    • Magura MT4e (180) 
    • AXA Blueline 30 
    • 570Wh 
    • Deore XT/ XT-10S cassette 
    • Super Moto X 27,5 x2,4 
    • 20kg 
    • 18km/h / 11.2mph 
    • 27kg 
    • ISO4210 CE 



ASeatube length440 mm500 mm
BTop tube horizontal580 mm610 mm
CHeadtube angle70 °70 °
DSeattube angle72,5 °72,5 °
EHeadtube length160 mm180 mm
FReach400 mm420 mm
GStack610 mm635 mm
HChainstay length455 mm455 mm
IWheelbase1085 mm1115 mm
JFork length450 mm450 mm
 Stem length100 mm100 mm
 Stem angle-3,5 °-3,5 °