X Comfort

X Comfort

Yes, a sporty ride combined with comfort

Smooth and silent speed with comfort elements

This Klever X 10speed e-bike with 27,5 inch wheels and hydraulic disc brakes gives you a great ride to your work. The stiffness of the frame, the smooth silent speed of the 250W BIACTRON motor, and the feeling of control this e-bike delivers, makes you arrive at your work to perform at your best.

The X Comfort has, in comparison to the X Commuter, a more comfortable handlebar (higher rise) and a suspended front fork. Together with more comfortable grips and saddle, the X Comfort combines sporty riding and comfort.

€ 3.699,– *

Silent and powerful BIACTRON system

We know our powerful silent motor, our BIACTRON system, has proven over the last 5 years to be among the best. Actually, we dare to say, there is no better system. And now in combination with our Klever X frame, that has been build by one of the best aluminum fame builders in the world, we can present you a very attractive e-bike that rides like a high performance road bike.

Clean design

The Klever X Comfort is a very clean e-bike. All cables are routed into the stem and the frame. The battery is ingeniously integrated into the middle of the frame. It has become a natural part of this e-bike. Together with the great riding experience the Klever X delivers, it takes this pedelec to the next level. To be appreciated by a new generation of e-bike riders. 

Connectivity and NEW Klever Connect+ App

And to conclude, the electronic theft alarm, motor lock, and to connect your smartphone via the New Klever Connect+ App with the bluetooth LCD display of the Klever X Speed are almost 'must' features for you as a car lover.

Download our New Klever Connect+ App from Google Play and connect your smartphone.

  • Vering
  • Wielmaat​
  • Frame materiaal
  • Ondersteuningslimiet​
  • Power (max)
  • Koppel (max)​
  • Actieradius (360Wh accu)​
  • Actieradius (470Wh accu)​, toeslag
  • Actieradius (570Wh accu)​, toeslag
  • Achterwielaandrijfsysteem​
  • Geluid (max)​
  • Max belasting (op de fiets)​
  • Categorie​
  • Hydraulische schijfremmen​
  • LED voorlicht​
  • Standaard accu
  • Display houder​
  • Shifter+Derailleur​ / tandwielen
  • Banden​
  • Vering afstand​
  • Bagagedrager belasting​
  • Inclusief extra's ​
  • Max gashendel snelheid
  • Gewicht​
  • Certificering
  • Cons. advies prijs​
  • BIACTRON kenmerken​

  • Energie Regenereren​ ("Re-Gen")
  • ​Automatisch Aan/Uit
  • Anti-diefstal alarm
  • Elektronisch motor slot​
  • Loop assistent​
  • Turbo knop
  • Diep ontlading bescherming​
  • Oplaadtijd (van 10% naar 90% accu capaciteit)
  • X Comfort

    • w/o 
    • 27.5'' 
    • Aluminum / M + L 
    • 25km/h 
    • 250W 
    • 43N-m 
    • Klever BIACTRON V2 
    • <50dB (stil) 
    • 120kg 
    • Bicycle 
    • Tektro Gemini (180) 
    • AXA Blueline 30 
    • 570Wh 
    • Deore / 10S cassette 
    • Super Moto X 27,5 x2,4 
    • 80mm / - 
    • 20kg 
    • 4km/h / 2.5mph 
    • 26.5kg 
    • ISO4210 CE 



ASeatube length440 mm500 mm
BTop tube horizontal580 mm610 mm
CHeadtube angle70 °70 °
DSeattube angle72,5 °72,5 °
EHeadtube length160 mm180 mm
FReach400 mm420 mm
GStack610 mm635 mm
HChainstay length455 mm455 mm
IWheelbase1085 mm1115 mm
JFork length450 mm450 mm
 Stem length100 mm100 mm
 Stem angle-3,5 °-3,5 °