B Speed Plus


  • ECHTE 45 km/u door high-speed 600W motor
  • Voor- & achtervering
  • Batterij upgradebaar naar 850 Wh
  • Robuust frame met lage doorstap
  • Comfortabele zitpositie / laag massamiddelpunt
  • Regeneratief remmen en uitrollen
  • Magura MT4e remmen
  • Supernova M99 pure + voorlicht

  Dolphin blue   Iron grey
570 Wh30-80km 850 Wh50-110km

€ 4.899,– *

The B Speed was designed to bring together speed and comfort in a way that cyclists have not been able to experience before. The low step-through frame makes it easy to get on and off, making the B Speed ideal for people who ride their bike several times a day.

The 600W motor allows you to effortlessly reach the maximum supported speed of 45 km/h whilst the full suspension system and upright riding position ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. The standard 570Wh battery will keep you riding up to 60km on a single charge.

B Speed Plus

The B Speed Plus adds a number of premium finishings to enhance your riding experience.

  • The Supernova M99 Pure+ headlight creates two distinct and extremely bright arcs of light to make the rider visible from afar, making it clear to others that you’re riding fast and ensuring a safer ride.
  • Magura MT 4e brakes provide high brake control and reliability, allowing you to apply as much braking power as you require with an adjustable lever reach setting.
  • Ergon GP10 grips enhance your grip comfort, preventing numb fingers or aching hands and forearms on longer rides.

Easy to secure, tough to lose

In addition to using a conventional lock, our new integrated display system makes securing your Klever bike even more simple. A small dongle acts as your key, plugging into the bike to enable using it. By removing the dongle the security system is automatically activated, turning on the motion sensor that will detect any movement of the bike, activate a loud alarm and lock the rear wheel in place, preventing the bike from being rolled away.

A smarter ride

The B Speed is capable of both regenerative braking and coasting, so any time spent riding whilst not actually peddling recharges the battery, extending your range and making the ride more efficient. It also features a USB charging portal integrated in the handlebar, allowing you to charge your phone on the go.

Full suspension for maximum comfort and safety

Not every part of the road is perfectly smooth. When you ride over things like speed bumps or cobblestones on a bike with a rigid frame you’re likely to feel a lot of the resulting impact. On larger bumps your wheels may even briefly loose contact with the ground, making your ride less stable. The faster you ride, the more uncomfortable or problematic this may be for you.

Our answer to this challenge is full suspension, featured in all of our B range bikes. The full suspension system allows both the front and rear wheels to absorb impacts or vibrations, helping to keep the tires in contact with the ground and ensuring the rider stays in control. The result is a safer, more comfortable and less tiring ride.

Our journey towards creating the most comfortable powered ride began through our parent company Kymco. With over 50 years of experience in making motorised scooters, their knowledge and experience in suspension for fast two-wheeled vehicles was the perfect starting point for us. We adapted this technology to powered bicycles and our latest efforts in the new B range, engineered in Germany, have seen it perfected even further.

Our new B range bikes bring together speed and comfort for a controlled and safe ride. If you find yourself making several bike trips each day, riding over less than ideal roads or if comfort is simply a priority for you, then this may be the solution for you.

Technical specifications

Wielmaat​ 24"
Frame materiaal ALUMINIUM
Ondersteuningslimiet​ 45 KM/U
Power (max) 600 W
Koppel (max)​ 49 NM
Actieradius (360Wh accu)​
Actieradius (570Wh accu)​ 30-80 KM
Actieradius (850Wh accu)​ 50-110 KM
Achterwielaandrijfsysteem​ KLEVER BIACTRON V2
Geluid (max)​ <50 DB
Max belasting (op de fiets)​ 110 KG
Categorie​ L1e-B, Speed-Pedelec
Hydraulische schijfremmen​ MAGURA MT4E 180 MM
LED voorlicht​ SUPERNOVA M99 PURE +
Standaard accu 570 WH
Standaard oplader​ SNELLADER (5A, 250W)
Display houder​ 2" + E-KEY + BLUETOOTH
Shifter+Derailleur​ / tandwielen SHIMANO DEORE XT 10 SPEED
Versnellingen 52/11-36 T
Banden​ SCHWALBE BIG BEN 24 x 2.15"
Vering afstand​ 70 MM / 65 MM
Bagagedrager belasting​ 25 KG
Max gashendel snelheid 18 KM/U
Gewicht​ 28.5 KG
Certificering EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval
Oplaadtijd (van 10% naar 90% accu capaciteit) 2.3 H
Inclusief extra's ​ REGEN COASTING & BRAKING



    One size
A Zitbuis lengte 460 mm
C Effectieve bovenbuis lengte (horizontaal) 598 mm
D Stuurhoek 67 °
E Zithoek 70 °
F Wielbasis 1150 mm
G Lengte liggende achtervork 481 mm
H Stuurbuis lengte 180 mm
R Reach 383 mm
S Stack 591 mm




Range indicaties

De tabel geeft realistische informatie voor vergelijkbare omstandigheden bij:

  • 360/570/850Wh volle batterij
  • Buitentemperatuur tussen de 12 en 30 graden Celsius
  • Vlakke route
  • Totaal gewicht tussen de 95 en 105 kg (fietser tussen de 70 en 80 kg)
  • Zachte wind 



De door Klever opgegeven waarden voor de actieradius zijn slechts schattingen, omdat deze van veel factoren afhankelijk is:

  • het gekozen ondersteuningsniveau
  • de toestand van de fiets (smering van de ketting en luchtdruk van de banden)
  • het totaalgewicht (fiets, fietser en bagage)
  • route (vlak of heuvelachtig)
  • de weersomstandigheden (temperatuur, tegen- of rugwind
  • Des te minder ondersteuning, des te groter de actieradius.