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25. August 2016

Klever X – the POWER e-bike

New MODEL RANGE for 2017: Klever X in FOUR VERSIONS – from a stylish urban bike to the X Speed featuring true 45 km/h speed

  • “X RAW”: The stylishly minimalist singlespeed with our powerful yet super-quiet BIACTRON motor.
  • “X COMMUTER”: The commuter bike for a new generation of e-bikers, 100% prepared to power you to the office.
  • “X RAW Limited Edition”: The e-bike you’ve always dreamed of, with electronic gears and rigid carbon fork.
  • “X SPEED”: The best and most realistic car alternative – with its 600 watt motor you’ll ride past the traffic jams at a full 45 km/h.

The young e-bike brand Klever, a subsidiary of the KYMCO company, is proud to introduce the model “X” range at the key international trade show EUROBIKE in Friedrichshafen (31 Aug-04 Sept): it’s an iconic design statement for a rear motor e-bike. The dynamic appearance was very deliberately crafted – it complements the character of the powerful BIACTRON drive. Furthermore, the frame architecture serves as a modular platform for a wide variety of cycle formats: the Klever X comes in several versions, from a pure singlespeed to a fully-equipped StVZO-compliant commuter bike, all without compromising its clear identity.

The Klever X makes the battery pack its central feature, and this deliberately defines the difference between it and conventional bikes. The “loop frame” integrates the battery within its structure, while its curved top tube creates a unisex frame design with reduced step-over height. “We already know that our powerful and yet super-quiet BIACTRON drive system has proven itself over the last five years as top class for e-bikes”, explained Fritz Baumgarten, General Manager of Klever Mobility. “We’re almost sorry to have to say it, but there is simply no better motor. And now, by combining it with the hugely rigid Klever X frame, which is welded together by one of the very best aluminium frame makers in the world, we have before us the ultimate attractive e-bike – and it rides like a pro racing machine.”

In all four versions, the Klever X presents an outstandingly clean appearance. All of the brake cables, gear cables and electronics are installed entirely within the stem and frame. On the fast X Speed the brakes can be assisted by the “Regen” feature on demand – the motor is used as “engine braking” and in doing so it recharges the batteries, thus increasing the range. With its noise level under 50 dB, the Klever X is among the quietest on the market. The result is a silky smooth, almost silent ride sensation, with the nerve-jangling buzz of the vast majority of mid motor e-bikes notably absent.

Typically Klever: trend-setting technology for urban riders

The Bluetooth-enabled LCD display lets you, for example, install customised ride profiles, from gentle and energy-saving to high power and dynamic. You can also connect to current iPhones using the Klever Connect app from the Apple App Store. Another feature highlight is the electronic anti-theft function with alarm sound and digital bike coding, which is standard on all Klever models. This coding links each pedelec, each lock and each control console to its owner using an electronic serial number. In case of theft, the rightful owner can be identified, at the latest when the bike is next taken to a dealer.

Klever Mobility: three model ranges and frame designs

The Klever X is the third model range, running alongside the extra-compact Q model with 20” wheels, and the Klever B, which is designed for maximum comfort. Alongside the standard “Comfort” version of the B there is also the remarkably gutsy “B Power“ and a speed pedelec model named the “B Speed”. In contrast to the new Klever X, both “B” and “Q” models are fitted with full suspension. The in-house BIACTRON motor, the cycle electronics and the trademark design elements – the somewhat squared-profile frame tubes and the battery as a central element of the design – are shared by all Klever e-bikes. What's more, the frames are built true to the concept of unisex fit (“one size fits all”), so they can easily be adjusted to match the size of either male or female riders.

About Klever Mobility

Klever Mobility Europe GmbH was founded in 2011 by KYMCO, an internationally well-established manufacturer of motor scooters and light motorcycles based in Taiwan. The focus of the new Klever brand (KYMCO Light Electric Vehicles) is on e-bikes (pedelecs and speed pedelecs), and this work has been recognised with multiple prestigious awards. Klever Mobility is one of very few manufacturers to offer motors, control electronics, software, batteries and mechanical parts all from a single source. Supporting the business are offices and production facilities in Germany and Taiwan. The European distribution centre is located in Cologne.


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