X Speed

The most serious alternative for your car

  • 600 W motor for REAL 45 km/h speeds
  • NEW Klever GPS kit (optional)
  • Front suspension
  • 850 Wh battery upgradeable
  • NEW EU Type Approval according to latest requirements

  Tanager orange   Iron grey
570 Wh30-60km 850 Wh45-90km

€ 4.899,– *

The X Speed offers SPEED & RANGE

Yes, now it the time to do it. This Klever X Speed is delivering what you have been looking for. You love power? You love a great ride? You appreciate quality and style? And you are fed up being stuck in traffic far too often?

The Klever X Speed hispeed e-bike is a dream. It has a 600W silent motor that takes you easily to 45 km/h. It has a very stiff frame, and 27,5 inch wheels with Super Moto X tires, that delivers you the riding experience of a high performance road bike.

And the 570Wh battery (NB the 850Wh battery is available from March 2018 onwards), in combination with the Shimano Deore XT 11speed, and the possibility to add a battery bag on your rear rack for a second battery when you think you'll need it, completely takes away your range concern.

What our customers say

"I want to say very clearly THANK YOU! :) the Klever speed gets a big 10 out of 10 from me at the moment. From A to Z! If he will continue to deliver the same quality and pleasure years I will be a very happy person.

I am so happy with it !! I beam when I can drive it, it's just fantastic !! People will of course complain quickly if something is not OK ... but if it's good, it can also be said !! ;) so I would say, THANK YOU to the Klever team! and keep going!! and Petra and Kurt (dealer) also get a big thumbs up for their service and service! thanks!

superfan Tom from Mechelen"

One of the most attractive aspects of the Klever X Speed hispeed e-bike is that it is so clean . All cables are routed into the stem and the frame.

The battery is ingeniously integrated into the middle of the frame, so it has become a natural part of this speed e-bike.

Together with the great riding experience the Klever X Speed delivers, this speed pedelec takes this category to the next generation of hispeed e-bikes.  

Of course the Klever X Speed has hydraulic disc brakes and front suspension for your safety and comfort. Nice to know is that it also has regenerating braking that is really paying off when you go downhill for a while.

Connectivity and more

Download the Connectivity App from the App Store, and connect your iPhone via Bluetooth with the LCD display.

NEW Klever GPS kit

The Klever GPS kit gives you a larger SAFER "at a glance" dashboard while riding. So, get MORE of the information you really want. Just login and sinc up.

Track your bike with the GPS hardware

Hardware is the key to obtaining more data, the module receives GPS location, and transmits data through mobile data networks across the EU.

To conclude..

The electronic theft alarm and motor lock are almost 'must' features for you as car lover.

Technical specifications

Suspension Front suspension
Wheel size 27.5"
Frame material Aluminum
Support limit 45 km/h
Power (max) 600 W
Torque (max) 49 Nm
Range (360Wh battery) -
Range (570Wh battery) 30-60 km
Range (850Wh battery) 45-90 km
Rear drive system Klever BIACTRON V2
Operating noise (max) <50 dB
Max load (on bicycle) 120kg
Category Moped (L1e-B)
Hydraulic disc brake Magura MT4e (180mm rotor)
LED front light Fuan FA70
Equipped battery 570 Wh
Equipped charger Fast charger (250W)
Display console 2.2“ LCD + Bluetooth®
Shifter+derailleur / sprockets (F/R) Shimano Deore XT / 11-speed
Gears 50/11-42T
Tyres Schwalbe Super Moto X 27.5 x 2.4"
Suspension travel (F/R) 80 mm / -
Rear rack load 25 kg
Max throttle speed 18 km/h
Weight (with equipped battery) 28 kg
Certifcation EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval
Charge time (from 10% to 90% battery capacity) 2 h
Extras included Regen-coasting, regen-braking



    M L
A Seatube length 440 mm 500 mm
B Top tube horizontal 580 mm 610 mm
C Headtube angle 70 ° 70 °
D Seattube angle 72,5 ° 72,5 °
E Headtube length 160 mm 180 mm
F Reach 400 mm 420 mm
G Stack 610 mm 635 mm
H Chainstay length 455 mm 455 mm
I Wheelbase 1085 mm 1115 mm
J Fork length 450 mm 450 mm
  Stem length 100 mm 100 mm
  Stem angle -3,5 ° -3,5 °




Range indications

The table is a good indication of the range to be expected, under comparable conditions:

  • 360/570/850Wh full battery
  • Outside temperature between 12 and 30 degrees Celsius
  • Flat road
  • Total weight between 95 and 105 kg (weight of rider between 70 and 80 kg)
  • Light wind

The range is an estimation because it is dependent from

  • the level of support
  • the technical state of the bike (well oiled chain, optimal tyre pressure etc.)
  • the total weight of the system (bike, biker, and luggage)
  • the way you pedal (the level you let the bike do the work or give support yourself)
  • the road (flat or hilly)
  • the weather (temperature, tail or headwind)