Klever powered bikes

Klever powered bikes

Up to 25 km/h


Our Comfort bikes with 350W motor are designed to offer you a care-free and reliable powered ride.


Our Power bikes with 500W motors give you the extra toque you need for powerful starts when riding through hills and headwinds.

X Comfort

This Klever X 10 speed e-bike with 27.5 inch wheels and hydraulic disc brakes gives you a great ride to your work. The stiffness of the frame, the smooth silent speed of the 250W BIACTRON motor, and the feeling of control this e-bike delivers, makes you arrive at your work to perform at your best. 


€ 3.699,– *
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B Comfort

Klever B Comfort Pedelec

250W motor, full suspension, Shimano 10sp, hydraulic disc brakes, LCD bluetooth display.

Now with 570Wh battery.

€ 3.399,– *
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X Power

The X Power, with 500W motor (limited to the legal 250W by software), is the Klever Power e-bike developed for the hilly areas. With more torque in every gear, this powerhouse for 'bikies' takes you uphill with a big smile.

€ 4.199,– *
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B Power

Klever B Power Pedelec

500W motor delivering higher torque, full suspension, Shimano 10sp, hydraulic disc brakes (180 rotor), LCD bluetooth display, trailer-ready kit.

Now with 570Wh battery.

€ 3.899,– *
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