B Speed

600W motor = High power luxury on wheels

  • REAL 45 km/h from our high-speed with 600W motor
  • Front & rear suspension
  • Robust low step-through frame
  • Comfortable riding position and low centre of gravity
  • Regenerative braking and coasting

  Iron grey
570 Wh30-60km 850 Wh45-90km

€ 4.899,– *

Like all the Klever model B e-bikes, also this hispeed 45-er hispeed e-bike has full front & rear suspension and a low centre of gravity. This most comfortable "scooter hispeed e-bike" gives you, besides the great riding comfort ,also the speed you wished for.

With it's silent and smooth 600W BIACTRON motor, the power of the B Speed speed pedelec takes you quite easy to really 45 km/h.

Of course, the Klever B Speed s pedelec has hydraulic disc brakes for your safety. And the Klever B Speed has Regenerative braking. That is, beside the high efficiency, the smooth silent speed, and the direct power, one of the main benefits of our BIACTRON rear motor system.

To conclude, the Klever B Speed hispeed e-bike is a powerhouse in combination with luxury.

Technical specifications

Suspension Full (F/R)
Wheel size 24"
Frame material Aluminum
Support limit 45 km/h
Power (max) 600 W
Torque (max) 41 Nm
Range (360Wh battery)
Range (570Wh battery) 30-60 km
Range (850Wh battery) 45-90 km
Rear drive system Klever BIACTRON V2
Operating noise (max) <50 dB
Max load (on bicycle) 120kg
Category Moped (L1e-B)
Hydraulic disc brake Magura MT4e (180 mm rotor)
LED front light Fuan FA70
Equipped battery 570 Wh
Equipped charger Fast charger (250 W)
Display console 2.2“ LCD + Bluetooth®
Shifter+derailleur / sprockets (F/R) Shimano Deore XT / 10-speed
Gears 52/11-36 T
Tyres Big Apple 24 x 2.0"
Suspension travel (F/R) 70 mm / 65 mm
Rear rack load 25 kg
Max throttle speed 18 km/h
Weight (with equipped battery) 30.6 kg
Certifcation EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval
Charge time (from 10% to 90% battery capacity) 2 h
Extras included Regen-coasting, regen-braking


Range indications

The table is a good indication of the range to be expected, under comparable conditions:

  • 360/470/570Wh full battery
  • Outside temperature between 12 and 30 degrees Celsius
  • Flat road
  • Total weight betqween 95 and 105 kg (weight of rider between 70 and 80 kg)
  • Light wind.



The range is an estimation because it is dependent from:

  • the level of support
  • the technical state of the bike (well oiled chain, optimal tyre pressure etc.)
  • the total weight of the system (bike, biker, and luggage)
  • the road (flat or hilly)
  • the weather (temperature, tail or headwind).