Klever Care

Klever Care

Professional no nonsense Service

Every Klever-dealer has the know how and equipment to service your Klever e-bike well.

Our dealer has the tools to test, maintain and repair when needed. You don't have to show some sort of Klever warranty pass. 

All Klever e-bikes have to pass tests that originally were also meant for scooters and motorcycles. Together with our dealers we are committed to your best possible experience with your Klever e-bike. 

We know powered bicycles well. Klever Mobility is a 100% daugther company of KYMCO.

KYMCO has become over the last 50 yrs one of the top 5 scooter and motor brands in the world, is ~22 years on the German market, is an established brand in the Netherlands, and welknown for their reliable scooters, and ~25 years working in e-scooter and e-bike technology.

We do appreciate your feedback!

We will always look for ways to further improve our products and services.

Delivery time

We aim to have a delivery time for parts of 72 hours (3 working days) for NL and Germany. It will probably be more to other countries.

Software update free of charge

When we have software updates, you will be informed. Software updates are free of charge.

Back-to-me protection

In case your Klever e-bike, despite the alarm and locks, has been stolen, please inform us as soon as you have informed the police. As soon as your bike will be offered to one of our Klever dealers, we will make sure you will get your e-bike back.