X Range

X Range

Award winning e-bike for bike lovers

New MODEL RANGE for 2018: Klever X in SIX VERSIONS –
from a stylish urban bike to the X Speed featuring true 45 km/h speed 


X Speed: The most serious alternative to your car. With 600W motor and 850Wh battery* for enough range.
* available from April 2018 onwards

X Speed Limited Edition: The X Speed with special feature to make it even more attractive.

X Power: The Klever climber with more torque. With high powered 56N-M direct-drive motor, better lights & Magura MT4 disk brakes.

X Comfort: The comfortable commuter for the new generation e-bikers. With front suspension and high rise handlebar.

X Commuter: The more sporty commuter e-bike for the "Sunday morning road bikers". You'll just love to ride this powered bike to your work. No sweat.

X RAW: The stylishly minimalist singlespeed with our powerful yet super-quiet BIACTRON motor. No gears needed.


X Power

The X Power, with 500W motor (limited to the legal 250W by software), is the Klever Power e-bike developed for the hilly areas. With more torque in every gear, this powerhouse for “bikies” takes you uphill with a big smile.

€ 3.999,– *
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X Comfort

This Klever X 10speed e-bike with 27,5 inch wheels and hydraulic disc brakes gives you a great ride to your work. The stiffness of the frame, the smooth silent speed of the 250W BIACTRON motor, and the feeling of control this e-bike delivers, makes you arrive at your work to perform at your best.

€ 3.699,– *
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Now with 570 Wh battery

X Commuter

Klever X-Commuter Pedelec

250W motor, Shimano Deore 10S cassette, hydraulic disc brakes, 27,5" wheels, 570Wh battery

€ 3.599,– *
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Now € 2.999,– rsp

X Raw

Klever X-Raw Pedelec

Professional road bike geometry and stifness, 250W motor, LCD Bluetooth display, single speed, regen-coasting

€ 2.999 *
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Available end of April 2018

X Speed Limited

X Limited Edition Pedelec

600W motor, Shimano Deore XTR/XT 11S cassette, Magura MT4e hydraulic disc brakes, regen-coasting & regen-braking

€ 5.199 *
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Available end of Jan 2018

X Speed

Real 45km/h, 600W motor, Shimano Deore XT/XT-11S cassette, Magura MT4e (180) hydraulic disc brakes, suspension front fork, 570Wh battery, regen-coasting & regen-braking

€ 4.899 *
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Our in-house Klever BIACTRON system

The Klever (hispeed) e-bikes are no ordinary e-bikes. We did not mix existing technologies, adding motors or batteries to ordinary bicycle frames.

We designed and design frames around our exclusively BIACTRON rear drive system that through direct-drive simplicity is more silent, powerful, robust and reliable than most central motors systems.

Integrated battery

The Klever X makes the battery pack its central feature, and this deliberately defines the difference between it and conventional bikes. The “loop frame” integrates the battery within its structure, while its curved top tube creates a unisex frame design with reduced step-over height. 

Clean appearance and low noise level

In all four versions, the Klever X presents an outstandingly clean appearance.

All of the brake cables, gear cables and electronics are installed entirely within the stem and frame. On the fast X Speed the brakes can be assisted by the “Regen” feature on demand – the motor is used as “engine braking” and in doing so it recharges the batteries, thus increasing the range.

With its noise level under 50 dB, the Klever X is among the quietest on the market.

The result is a silky smooth, almost silent ride sensation, with the nerve-jangling buzz of the vast majority of mid motor e-bikes notably absent.

Trend-setting technology for urban riders

The Bluetooth-enabled LCD display lets you, for example, install customised ride profiles, from gentle and energy-saving to high power and dynamic.

You can also connect to current iPhones using the Klever Connect app from the Apple App Store. Another feature highlight is the electronic anti-theft function with alarm sound and digital bike coding, which is standard on all Klever models.

This coding links each pedelec, each lock and each control console to its owner using an electronic serial number. In case of theft, the rightful owner can be identified, at the latest when the bike is next taken to a dealer.