B Range

B Range

Comfort redefined

The new B range with full suspension

B Comfort

250W motor, full suspension, Shimano 10sp, hydraulic disc brakes, LCD bluetooth display.

Now with 570Wh battery.

€ 3.399,– *
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B Power

500W motor delivering higher torque, full suspension, Shimano 10sp, hydraulic disc brakes (180 rotor), LCD bluetooth display, trailer-ready kit.

Now with 570Wh battery.

€ 3.899,– *
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B Speed

Real 45km/h. 600W motor, Shimano Deore XT / XT 10S cassette, Magura MT4e (180) hydraulic disc brakes, full suspension, 570Wh battery, LCD bluetooth display, regen-coasting & regen-braking 

€ 4.499,– *
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B Speed Plus

Real 45km/h from high-speed 600W motor, front & rear suspension, robust, low, step-through frame, comfortable position / low centre of gravity, regenerative braking and coasting, Magura MT4e brakes, front lightSupernova M99 pure +

€ 4.899,– *
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Full suspension

Full suspension is the epitome of the comfortable riding experience. Using technology commonly found in mountain bikes, a full suspension bike will absorb most of the impact from the road so that the rider feels nothing but a smooth ride. In our new B range we’ve perfected this even further, giving you a more comfortable, controlled and safe ride.

Our unique motor system

The Biactron rear drive motor system is one of a kind, designed specifically to power our bike frames. We built our own motor for two reasons:

  • We believe that rear drive systems offer the most propulsive, and therefore most enjoyable riding sensation.
  • We don’t have to rely on suppliers to make adjustments for us. We’re able to continually listen to feedback from our customers, adapt and improve, test and refine to make the riding experience even better.

Compatible batteries

Our batteries are easily accessible and can be removed to charge them wherever you want. Any Klever battery will work with your Klever bike, so you can upgrade your battery or always have a spare with full charge ready to use. We offer batteries with different capacities, providing a different range depending on the bike you choose. Find out more about our batteries here.

Adding new things to love

We’re constantly working to improve our products and make the riding experience even better. We support our customers with over-the-air software updates to our system so that any advancement we make improves the experience of all Klever owners.


In addition to using traditional locks, each Klever bike comes with an integrated security system. When switched on the motion sensor will detect any movement of the bike, activating a loud alarm and locking the rear wheel in place, preventing the bike from being rolled away.

Built to last

Klever bikes are built to ride at high speeds every day. Each design decision made was informed by a key priority: to create a durable and reliable bike that will keep riding as new for years to come.