B Range

B Range

Ergonomics for the most comfortable ride

Full suspension, multiple luggage solutions, vertical position and low center of gravity makes this one of the safest, practical and most comfortable e-bikes. 

Our Powerful e-bikes are easier to handle due to low center of gravity and f/r disk brakes, this means more control & safer ride at any speed

B Comfort

Klever B Comfort Pedelec

250W motor, full suspension, Shimano 10sp, hydraulic disc brakes, LCD bluetooth display

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B Power

Klever B Power Pedelec

250W motor higher torque, full suspension, Shimano 10sp, hydraulic disc brakes (180 rotor), LCD bluetooth display, trailer-ready kit

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B Speed

Klever B Speed Pedelec

600W motor, Shimano SLX 11sp, Formula CR3 hydraulic disc brakes, full suspension, 570Wh battery, LCD bluetooth display

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Full suspension, what are the benefits?

Dampening of vibrations and shocks

A more comfortable driving experience on Klever B models is achieved by greater dampening of vibrations and shocks on poor road surfaces. Note: A well-sprung rear fork offers much more comfort than a suspension seatpost due to the much longer travel suspension of the springway.

Gentle to your body

You risk less bodily harm from shocks to your body, so less back pain, less headaches and less general stress to delicate organs due to better shock absorption when driving on poor road surfaces. 


Hitting potholes, tree roots, tram lines or other road obstacles such as low curbs without shock absorption could deviate your front wheel, diverting you from your controlled path, shock absorption especially on front forks raises your control level in these conditions.

A low center of mass is critical to vehicle stability and handling. With the motor on the rear wheel and battery placed at the lower center, Klever ebikes have a very low center of mass which contributes to a relaxing and yet agile riding experience. Some ebikes loose this stability by mounting the battery on the rear rack or higher up.

Robust frame

Unlike many e-bikes that are basically bicycles with batteries, our ebike frame is sturdy and robust. This is important on rough roads when the frame is under stress. In time this means even less breakages and a longer lasting vehicle in general.

Practical step through frame

Get on, get off whenever you like, quick trips become easier, make a call, stop at the lights, sit on the frame!, or simply rest your feet on the frame.

Mount bags, panniers, racks, front and back, rear lighting ingeniously incorporated into the rear rack

Whatever you need to carry, because of our amazing weight capacity, you can mount carriers and bags on any part of the prepared frame. There are mounting systems for all of your needs.