Comfort & Leisure

Comfort & Leisure

Explore, escape, shop, enjoy and/or carry

Whatever your leisure activity is, you have chosen to ride an e-bike because you’re looking for extra power. With the powerful Klever e-bikes you can of course chose the level of support you want for the occasion.

Anyway your Klever model X, B or Q will deliver you the power you are looking for. Whether you want to carry or pull a lot, going uphill or against the wind, or you just want to go out for relaxing bike trip, your choice of Klever e-bike will help you out.

The Klever B and Q have a special adapter kit for high quality trailers

Increase your range, take another battery

And if you are looking for range we can also give you the security you will get home with powered support. We offer 3 different battery sizes (360Wh, 470Wh, 570Wh) with the option for a second battery in a special Ortlieb battery bag on the rear rack.

So, if you want to be sure to get powered support for 150 to 200 km for that day, just get yourself a second 570Wh battery. And if you don’t need it, you don’t have to take it with you. You take it off in a second and save the weight.

Everyday comfort & luxury

The Klever model B is offering a very comfortable riding position. Depends on what you are planning for of course, but the upright sitting position of the Klever B in combination with its full suspension and very low centre of gravity, and the smooth silent speed of the BIACTRON motor, is, so far, unbeaten when you are looking for the most comfortable (hi-speed) e-bike.

We can only invite you to check it out yourself at the Klever dealer nearest to you.

Short trip fun

Go yachting, get around in the inner city, or get out at night to the restaurant on the hill, the Klever Q will be your friend. Our Klever Q is a compact.

And although you can’t fold it in the middle, you can stow it away easily by folding down the handle bars under the frame, pushing down the seat post, and folding the pedals up.

And not to forget, the Klever Q has incredible pulling power.

Due to its smaller wheel size, is the torque from the powerful BIACTRON system amazing.

That’s why we say:
Q. Love the power. Love the ride