About us

About us

Our Vision

Almost feels like flying – smooth, silent, speed

Car vs. E-bike

We are working everyday to make our Klever (hispeed) e-bikes the most serious alternative for your car. For home-work distances of 5 to 30 km's the Klever (hispeed) pedelecs are really worth trying. You feel better and better about yourself. More and more companies experience higher productivity of workers commuting most of the time with (e-)bikes versus employees that use the car most of the time for their daily commute.

So, leave your car at home today, and go Klever e-biking

Most e-bikes and scooters are noisy, but how much does silence and absence of vibration actually count? and what if you can faster than a bicycle but enjoy an almost silent "flying" experience?

Reduce times on a typical 15km trip

Most of us live in more or less urban environments, we dress for our destination, and for this reason the car is often our favoured choice, but shorter more complex trips are made increasingly difficult by traffic congestion, alternatives to car travel are combustion 2 wheelers, which are fast, but dirtier solutions compared to bicycles; which are slower and get you to a sweaty meeting. Klever e-bikes offer smoother higher torque that can compete with the car, make you feel better and save time.

Unique power handling

Some e-bikes are quick but noisy and more difficult to control, others are slow. Rarely is an e-bike smooth and powerful as Klever. This is due to the sophisticated design of our exclusive in-house developed BIACTRON rear drive system.

Comfort & safety at 45km/h

We understand e-bike use, they are heavier and travel faster and further, therefore suspension, braking and frame need to meet these needs. Think about riding cobblestones or bumps at speeds of up to 45km/h. We keep you safer and more comfortable this way.

A quieter ride

Klever bikes are among the most silent e-bikes, with a noise level of less than 50 dB (libraries just under this level), gone are the annoying sounds of most ebikes.