About us

About us


We’re serious about E-bikes.
We understand them.

We understand their use in daily modern mobility and the design implications of making an E-bike reliable for everyday use.

Working from that understanding we’ve designed our bikes from the ground up, because only then you can unlock the full potential of electric mobility and offer the best riding experience. 

We believe the best powered riding experience is effortlessly fast whilst controlled and safe at any speed.

And we want to offer the best riding experience for any type of ride. Whether you’re looking for something comfortable that you’ll ride a dozen times a day or an alternative to the car for your daily commute, we believe we have a bike that you’ll want to ride every day.

Once you’re on your bike we’re committed to keep you riding no matter what.

We believe the best riding experience should go hand in hand with the best ownership experience. Our bikes are designed to withstand the wear of daily use at higher speeds and will keep riding as new. We’ll also offer you service and ongoing support along the way to add new things to love about your bike over time. We’re not afraid to say that we’ve created, what we believe, the best riding experience. But all the stories in the world won’t compare to riding one yourself.

Find a dealer near you, try a Klever bike today and judge for yourself.

A heritage of reliability

Klever Mobility is a daughter company of Kymco. With over 50 years of experience in the scooter and motorcycle industry, the last 20 of which have seen a move into electric mobility, the company has built a reputation anchored in reliability. That reliability has been at the heart of Klever’s ambition since our founding in 2011.

Our goal has always been and will always be to provide customers with the best products and offer full support for as long as they ride our bikes.