Klever X

Winner of the Red Dot Award 2017 and iF Design Award 2017. Now available!

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X Speed

Power Commuting

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850 Wh Battery *

3 years warranty **

* available from March 2018 ** click here for terms and conditions

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Model B

Pure comfort

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Q Comfort

You'll love it

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X Power

More Torque, 56N-M

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If you commute 10-30 km to work every day, then cut travel times with our real 45km/h speed commuters. You will feel better, no parking hassle, and you can plan your travel time again. With our speed pedelecs we offer you a serious care alternative. 

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If you’re looking for a multi-use everyday e-bike 24/7, look no further. Choose this fully suspended, reliable and poweful Klever model. And we have to warn you.., it is addictive 

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Clean and simple “design”. No gears. Powerful enough to go single speed. Simplify your life. Back to basics. No mess, just Power. 

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Eurobike Award 2017 for the Klever X Speed.

Of course that is nice. Good to know that we seem to be on the right way. But what really matters to us is that our users are very happy with the Klever of their choice.

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IF Design Award 2017

Besides the Reddot design award 2017, the Klever X Raw has also won the iF design award 2017. Yes, we are happy with the appreciation for the design! But the very positive feedback we receive from our customers about the riding experience of our model X is what really matters to us.

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- The full suspension B Comfort will be sold for € 2.999,- (= €300,- discount), and with a 470Wh battery. That is € 500,- price/value improvement;

- Our unique Klever B Power, with it's 56N-m torque, will be on promotion for the consumer recommended price of € 3.499,- (= € 300,- discount) with a 570Wh battery (= €150,- more value).

Check out your local Klever dealer for more clever deals.

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Klever product range 2017

X Commuter. NOW with 570Wh batt

Klever X-Commuter Pedelec

250W motor, Shimano Deore 10S cassette, hydraulic disc brakes, 27,5" wheels, 570Wh battery

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X Raw. NOW € 2.999,- rsp

Klever X-Raw Pedelec

Professional road bike geometry and stifness, 250W motor, LCD Bluetooth display, single speed, regen-coasting

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X Speed Limited Edition

X Limited Edition Pedelec

600W motor, Shimano Deore XTR/XT 11S cassette, Magura MT4e hydraulic disc brakes, regen-coasting & regen-braking

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X Speed. Now available

Klever x-Speed Pedelec

Real 45km/h, 600W motor, Shimano Deore XT/XT-11S cassette, Magura MT4e (180) hydraulic disc brakes, suspension front fork, 570Wh battery, regen-coasting & regen-braking

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B Comfort. NOW €500 more value

Klever B Comfort Pedelec

250W motor, full suspension, Shimano 10sp, hydraulic disc brakes, LCD bluetooth display, NOW w 470Wh battery

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B Power. NOW €450,- more value

Klever B Power Pedelec

500W motor delivering higher torque, full suspension, Shimano 10sp, hydraulic disc brakes (180 rotor), LCD bluetooth display, trailer-ready kit. NOW with 570Wh battery

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B Speed. Available end of Jan 2018

Klever B Speed Pedelec

Real 45km/h. 600W motor, Shimano Deore XT / XT 10S cassette, Magura MT4e (180) hydraulic disc brakes, full suspension, 570Wh battery, LCD bluetooth display, regen-coasting & regen-braking 

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klever Q Komfort Pedelec

250W motor, Shimano 10sp, hydraulic disc brakes, full suspension, LCD bluetooth display

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