Why we call you urban heroes ...

BECAUSE IT'S SO EARLY ... YOU HAVE TO GET TO WORK FACE THE COLD, WIND, THE DARK, the RAIN DAY AFTER DAY, YEAR AFTER YEAR. We want you to be PREPARED for all of this and more you need POWER that is SAFELY controlled a frame you can RELY on, and the RANGE to get you there on time.


Klever is committed to making powered bikes that unlock the full potential of electric mobility. By building them from the ground up we’ve created what we believe is the best riding experience.

This should go hand in hand with the best ownership experience, so we’ll be there for you with service and ongoing support to keep you riding no matter what.

Power 2 get there
fast every day

The Power E-Bike
real 45

For REAL 45km/h speeds, high-end rear motors are the best solution. Klever offers one of the fastest and most powerful "speed" e-bikes on the market.

  • Reliable brushless coils
  • Simple mechanics with few moving parts
  • Energy directly to the ground
Our Klever BIACTRON low maintenance brushless rear motor transmits power directly from the rear wheel to the ground. That means low energy loss and less wear.


The power e-bike for real 45 km/h

For REAL 45km/h speeds, high-end rear motors are the best solution. Klever is one of the fastest and most powerful speed e-bikes on the market with 600W and 800W motors (to be launched second half of 2020).


What is power without safety

Safety is important to us, day and night, so we now feature HIGH BEAM & BRAKE LIGHTS on speed and power models. Hydraulic disc brakes feature on all models (some dual caliper piston).


High speed reliability

E-bike riders are now covering longer distances at higher speeds, and in all weather. Hence, we have increased our long-distance testing to over 30,000 km.


More range over many years

We have chosen to reserve a portion of battery capacity to protect the battery itself, giving you greater range every day, more consistently for more years.

What´s your speed?

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