X Speed Limited Edition

X Speed Limited Edition

Icing on the cake

With special specs

We couldn't resist to make it. After the WOW experience of our Klever X, we just had to make a version with Shimano XTR, and many things more. But due to EU moped approval regulations (takes time..), we have been able to only scratch the surface of what this model can be.. However, we have called it already our X Speed Limited Edition, because it is. And we are curious to find out what you think about it.

€ 5.199,– *

This premium Klever X Speed Limited Edition is for bike lovers who only want to be seen on an e-bike when it is very, very appealing. We invite you to check it out.

Silent and powerful BIACTRON system

Over the last 5 years we know our POWERFUL silent motor, our BIACTRON system, has proven to be among the best. Actually, we dare to say, there is no better system. And now in combination with our Klever X frame, that has been build by one of the best aluminum fame builders in the world, we have come up with a very, very attractive e-bike that rides like a professional performance road bike.

Connectivity and New Klever Connect+ app

Special features on the Klever model X are the electronic theft alarm, motor lock, and the bluetooth LCD display for smartphone connectivity. The New Klever Connect+ App has an EasyView dashboard, GPS locator, and more activity and bike info. E.g. among more current speed, max speed, avarage speed, trip distance, energy economy,  battery charge level, distance, calories burn, and so on. You choose what is important to you, and most likely we have the info available. Just what consumers of today and tomorrow are looking for. 


Download our Klever Connect+ App from the Apple App Store and connect your iPhone.

  • Suspension
  • Wheel size
  • Frame material
  • Support limit
  • Power (max)
  • Torque (max)
  • Range (360Wh battery)
  • Range (470Wh battery), surcharge
  • Range (570Wh battery), surcharge
  • Rear drive system
  • Operating noise (max)
  • Max load (on bicycle)
  • Category
  • Hydraulic disc brake
  • LED front light
  • Equipped battery
  • Display console
  • Shifter+derailleur / sprockets (F/R)
  • Tyres
  • Suspension travel (F/R)
  • Rear rack load
  • Extras included
  • Max throttle speed
  • Weight (with equipped battery)
  • Certifcation
  • Base price
  • BIACTRON features

  • Recuperation ("Re-Gen")
  • Auto ON/OFF
  • Anti-theft alarm system
  • Electronic motor lock
  • Walk assist
  • Turbo boost assist
  • Deep-discharge protection
  • Charge time (from 10% to 90% battery capacity)
  • product image

    X Speed Limited Edition

    • w/o 
    • 27.5" 
    • Aluminum 
    • 45km/h / 28mph 
    • 600W 
    • 49Nm 
    • 30 - 70 km / 18.6 - 43.5 mi 
    • Klever BIACTRON V2 
    • <50dB 
    • 120kg 
    • Moped (L1e-B) 
    • Magura MT4e (180) 
    • B+M IQX 
    • 570Wh 
    • 2.2“ LCD + Bluetooth® 
    • Shimano Deore XTR/XT 11-spd cassette (50/11-42T) 
    • Schwalbe Super Moto X 27.5x2.4" 
    • 20kg 
    • 18km/h / 11.2mph 
    • 26kg 
    • EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval 
    • € 5.199 

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    • • 
    • • 
    • 2h 


ASeatube length440 mm500 mm
BTop tube horizontal580 mm610 mm
CHeadtube angle70 °70 °
DSeattube angle72,5 °72,5 °
EHeadtube length160 mm180 mm
FReach400 mm420 mm
GStack610 mm635 mm
HChainstay length455 mm455 mm
IWheelbase1085 mm1115 mm
JFork length450 mm450 mm
 Stem length100 mm100 mm
 Stem angle-3,5 °-3,5 °